• The team at O’Brien County Ag Supply offers support throughout your season with custom spray using Hagie Sprayers. O’Brien County Ag Supply has the ability to apply chemicals pre-plant, pre- and post-emergent crop.
  • In addition, O’Brien County Ag Supply offers yield-enhancing tools from the 360 Yield Center. With the 360 Yield Center, O’Brien County Ag Supply is able to lay nitrogen alongside the corn plant up to VT unlike many of their competitors.
  • According to Farm Futures®, “growers who sidedress nitrogen on corn see years where little to no additional N is needed to make corn yield goals.” (Read Article)
  • O’Brien County Ag Supply’s ability to apply fungicides and insecticides to post-emergent crop with a high-clearance sprayer enhanced coverage to protect your crop and has shown better response to spraying versus aerial spraying due to better coverage.
  • “Late-season ground application is increasing and for good reasons,” according to Ag Professional. (Read Article)

Agronomy Assistance

When you are looking for information on narrow rows, plant health, nitrogen management or any other general agronomy needs, the team at O’Brien County Ag Supply is the place to stop. With a background and education in Agronomy, O’Brien County Ag Supply can provide the answers and recommendations you are looking for.